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NuLife Sober Home

Philippians 4:13 I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

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Helping People Who Are Recovering From Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Located in Robbinsdale Minnesota, NuLife Sober Home is a safe home for men who have gone through rehabilitation. NuLife is owned by John and Debra Colbert and we are committed to assisting individuals with breaking the cycle of addiction.

Accountability and structure are vital to the success of sobriety and an important component in preventing relapse.

What sets us apart is that we live next door which gives us quick access to the sober home. Which works in reverse as well. We are more hands-on and accessible, and we are more than capable of helping clients quicker.


Our program fees are $650 per month for a double room single bed.  $750 per month for a single room single bed. & $850 single room Queen bed. (House Max occupancy 4)

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